Special Information

COVID-19 prevention measures at the Tokugawa Art Museum

■ Requests to guests

1. We request that visitors wear a mask in the museum. If you do not have one, please ask a staff member.
2. If you have a fever or cold symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) or if you feel unwell, please refrain from visiting the museum.
3. Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance before coming inside.
4. If you would like to have your temperature taken, please ask at the Information Counter.
5. We are limiting the numbers of visitors inside the exhibition rooms. Please be aware that you may have to wait, depending on the crowding in the museum.
6. Please keep your distance (around two meters) from other visitors inside the museum. Please keep quiet and refrain from staying a long time in the exhibition rooms.
7. Please do not touch the glass surfaces of the exhibition cases and other objects.
8. Please follow proper cough etiquette in the museum.
9. We recommend that you record the date and time of your visit just in case.

■ Requests to groups and travel agencies

In addition to the above, we ask groups for their understanding regarding the following points.

1. In principle, a prior reservation is required. If you do not have a reservation, we may decline your admission or ask you to wait for some time, depending on the crowding in the museum.
2. We ask that groups be limited to about 20 members. If you have more than 20 members (or even if you have less than 20), we may divide up your group or have members enter at different times depending on the situation. We are limiting the number of visitors admitted to each exhibition room.
3. We have suspended guided tours for groups until further notice.
4. Travel agencies must be responsible for group members’ health and physical conditions, and for managing the behavior of the group inside the museum.
5. Due to the possibility of having to wait, please make sure to have sufficient time in your schedule and itinerary.
6. Please be aware that we may cancel your reservation, if necessary, depending on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak.

■ Unavailable services, facilities, and equipment

1. Guided tours are suspended until further notice.
2. Please bring your own wheelchair or stroller if possible.
3. Coin-operated lockers are unavailable until further notice. You can leave large bags in the museum shop.
4. Video booths are closed until further notice.
5. The café is closed until further notice. However, some café menu items are available at the Hōzentei Japanese restaurant.
6. Commemorative stamps and the Stamp Rally are suspended until further notice.
7. Restroom hand dryers are unavailable until further notice. Please use your own handkerchief.
8. Information on the schedules of lectures and events will be provided in due course.

■ Other measures being taken

1. The floors are marked to maintain social distancing.
2. We are limiting the numbers of visitors in the exhibition rooms to maintain appropriate distances among visitors.
3. We have installed acrylic guards for face-to-face customer service.
4. Trays are used for receiving cash and giving change.
5. We are enhancing cleaning and sanitization, particularly for items that are frequently touched.
6. The ventilation system is in use in the museum.
7. The exhibition room doors are left open for ventilation.

Overview of the Exhibition