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Special Exhibition Splendid Swords: Masamune and the Sagami Tradition

The name "Masamune," for many, is virtually synonymous with the Japanese sword. Masamune was a bladesmith from Sagami province during the Kamakura period (1185–1333). He perfected the style known as the Sagami tradition and had a great influence on future generations. Since the Muromachi period, he and his apprentice Sadamune were regarded as the most important makers of swords for exchanging as gifts among the samurai classes. In the Edo period in particular, the value of Masamune swords became immutable, and more of his swords were listed in the Kyōhō meibutsuchō record of famous swords than any other.
This exhibition traces the history of the reception of Japanese swords through the famed blades of Masamune and the Sagami tradition that have been handed down in the Owari Tokugawa family.

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Overview of the Exhibition

Hours 10:00am to 5:00pm (Admittance until 4:30pm)
Closed Days Every Monday except July 18.
Admission Tickets

Adults: 1,400yen (including the admission to "Kan-Kon-Sō-Sai: Traditional Ceremonies to Celebrate Life and Honor Death in the Daimyo Household" at the Hōsa Library exhibition rooms.)
Students (high school and university): 700yen
Students (elementary and junior high school): 500yen

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